What goods am I not permitted to send through ipostparcels?

There are a number of types of goods that are not permitted to be sent through the ipostparcels service. These are Breakable goods, Valuable goods, Dangerous goods, Restricted goods and certain other types of goods that are either perishable or potentially more likely to cause damage to other consignments during the transit process. It is the policy of ipostparcels not to carry perishable items, food (excluding dried food and cereals), liquids (including alcoholic beverages), paint and inks (excluding printer cartridges) plants, prescription drugs and medicines.

"Breakable and valuable goods"

The ipostparcels service is not suitable for the carriage of breakable or valuable goods, and we do not carry dangerous goods or restricted goods. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that your items do not contain anything which could be termed as such. If your parcel contains anything which could fall into the above categories, any cover provided by us (either standard or extended liability) may be invalidated, and if your parcel causes damage to the parcels of other senders, we may recover the costs of repairing such damage from you.

For your convenience, we have set out brief descriptions of what we mean by breakable, valuable, dangerous or restricted goods below but you should always read our terms and conditions before sending your parcel.

Although all items are technically breakable, there are some that are much more fragile to transport than others.

"Breakable goods" include glass, china, ceramics, pottery, stoneware, fossils, works of art and televisions whose screen size exceeds 37 inches.

"Valuable goods" means any valuable goods such as bullion, cashiers or travellers cheques, currency, money orders, negotiable instruments in bearer form, credit or debit cards, important documents (including passports, tenders, share and option certificates) stamps, antiques, unprotected furniture, precious stones or metals, artwork, jewellery or valuable items of wear (including occasional wear, designer items (including clothing, watches, shoes and handbags).

"Dangerous goods" is anything considered hazardous such as acids, chemicals and certain other substances. These are specified by National and International legislation, guidance and rules. To read more about what is regarded as "Dangerous goods" a list is detailed in the United Nations Recommendations on the transport of Dangerous goods "UNRTDG" www.un.org

"Restricted goods" are those not permitted by National or International law, rule or regulation. These include firearms, weapons, explosives and munitions (including but not limited to replicas, imitations and blank firing pistols), animals, animal parts, livestock, insects, tobacco or tobacco products, and any items the carriage of which could be breaking laws or rules in any country over which the consignment travels.

Selecting a lower extended cover value.

The level of extended cover is automatically selected based on the value of the parcel contents. You have selected a lower level of extended cover than is appropriate for the value of the parcel contents therefore we ask you to confirm your acceptance that the extended cover value is lower than the appropriate value.

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