The essentials to weatherproofing your parcels this winter

Everyone – the postal service included – wants to ensure that all parcels turn up in their best possible condition. Of course, winter weather conditions can make this process difficult. However there are things that you can do to protect your gifts from the elements.

Come rain, sleet or snow, you’ll want to know that the Christmas cards, packing boxes and any other post you send turns up unscathed. From weatherproof labels to strong packing tape, here’s a few of the essentials you’ll need this winter.

Tape it up tight

If you’re worried about the rain then protecting a box with packing tape should ensure it has a little extra protection. There’s no limit to how much you can use (although using too much might be considered a waste) so you could cover the whole box should you want to.


Some packages need to be fully protected, and for those extra special items it’s always best to use extra strong packing tape.

Take this one for example, which needs scissors or a knife to get through as it simply won’t rip apart. Of course you may not wish to use plain tape, in which case some of these designs may serve as an alternative…


Using tape does come with its problems though…

Finding the end is never easy, but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?

Protect your labels

We all want packages to arrive in the right location and that means addressing them so they are clear and easy to read.

Using waterproof shipping labels is an ideal addition for parcels that are travelling a great distance or that may get damaged by rain.

The address stays legible throughout the journey, something that may not be the case should a pen either rub off or run – something that can happen should a letter or parcel get caught in rain while in transit.


Don’t let the rain in

An alternative is to use sealable waterproof mailing bags that will keep your gifts dry and secure whatever the weather.


It may look boring but it definitely does a job.

Pack it well

Picking the right boxes to transport goods in is also important. It can make moving oddly shaped items a lot easier – both for you when you try to wrap it and for the post worker who delivers it.

There is no need to be creative – when it comes to sending mail; the simpler the better really is the order of the day.

Using polystyrene loose fill in a box with your gift will add weight (although not a great deal) but it will also add valuable protection to your gift, especially if it could be easily broken.

This comes in all shapes and sizes and provides more than adequate protection; meaning boxes of any size can be used to transport and ship goods



Have somewhere safe for delivery

If you’re expecting a big delivery then it helps to have an area where a parcel could be protected if someone is not at home to accept the delivery personally.

Clearing some space in a porch or other covered area is recommended, as it means a parcel can be left in a dry and secure location.

Alternatively, a mailbox is great for ensuring smaller items stay protected.

If you’re preparing a package to send this winter and want to ensure it stays protected, follow these essentials and it should stand a better chance of surviving the weather.

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