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A Day in the Life of an ipostparcels Delivery Driver


What’s your typical day like?

My alarm goes off at 4:20am, grab a shower and my flask of coffee and arrive at work at 05:00am. I ensure that I check freight and plan my day to ensure that all my deliveries are made. I normally leave the site at about 07:30am. Then start my day I make sure that I finish at 15:00 every day so that I can start my collections at 15:30. Then I return back to the site at about 18:00 and off load and go home and get home about 18:45.

What’s your usual delivery route?

My normal route covers about 70 miles each day with the area I cover which is spread over 8 sub postcodes. There is nothing interesting about my route and the busiest time of my day is between 08:30-09:30 with all the school traffic.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever had to travel?

I haven’t travelled far only within my postcode area.

Have you had any close encounters/funny experiences whilst on delivery?

There hasn’t been any close encounters on my route, or funny experiences as of yet, but I reckon there will be a couple soon.

The good and the bad:

Good part of my job is the people I work with as the team at slough always have a can do attitude and we help each other in our hours of need and get on with our jobs. Bad part of my job is the pressure of the premium times and the ETA’s which I have each day we have changed the ETA’s and as there are so many I struggle sometimes but my aim is to clear down without any failures.

Have you ever delivered to a celebrity/someone well known?

Not that I know off, possibly but I haven’t recognised anyone as of yet.

Have you received a lot of attention since you’ve been driving the Christmas van? What has the customer feedback been like?

There has been quite a lot of attention to the vehicle as I drive by with people pointing and waving at me.
The customers like it they say it brings Christmas cheer and brighten ups there day.

What sort of customer feedback to receive about the brand and Parcels Pete?

I haven’t had any negative feedback from anyone regarding the brand. Parcel Pete goes down well the customers know who we are and they are happy with the service they receive from UKMail.

If there was one handy tip you would give customers, what would it be?

Please be in when you have ordered something.


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