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  • Collected from you
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  • Delivery notifications
  • Full online tracking

Parcel Delivery To Denmark From UK

International Parcel DeliveryEurope › Denmark

Denmark Overview
Delivery Time: 2 - 3 days by Air or 3-4 days by road
Price: From £18.74+VAT
Restrictions: Furs, Non-prescription drugs, asbestos fibers, Toys and games containing copper sulfate etc



(£22.49 inc VAT)

3-4 days economy service Free collection from your door ü    Free £50 cover ü
Online tracking ü    Delivery notification ü
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(£24.46 inc VAT)

2-3 days express service
Free collection from your door ü    Free £50 cover ü
Online tracking ü    Delivery notification ü
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*Express from pricing based on 0.5KG parcel with 10cmx10cmx10cm dimensions. Pricing varies depending on weights and dimensions. 

To all cities including Aalborg, Aarhus, Horsens, Copenhagen, Kolding, Odense, Randers, Roskilde, Vejle.

We provide an affordable and reliable parcel delivery service to Denmark from the UK. You can see how much it’s going to cost you by quickly entering your parcels dimensions and weight in the quote box above. If you’re happy with the price you can go ahead and book your parcel in for collection on a day of your choosing.

We offer two delivery services to Denmark by road and air, so however urgently your parcel is needed over there you can be sure we have a delivery solution for you. Our road service will cost you £18.74 exc. VAT and you can send any parcel weighing up to 25KG.

With our air service the price will depend on the size and weight of your parcel, the heaver and larger it is the more it will cost you.

The following comes as standard when sending a parcel to Denmark:

  • Free Collection -  From home or work
  • Free £50 Cover – Additional cover can be added
  • Online Booking – You can book your parcel in for collection right now
  • Online Tracking – Know exactly where your parcel is
  • Delivery Notifications – For both you and your recipient



Denmark Prohibitions and Restrictions 

Ensuring you parcels contents will be accepted into the country should beat the forefront of your mind. If your parcel is refused entry this could incur additional charges and possibly the destruction of your parcel. Any additional charges are incurred upon entry into the country and are therefore not included in the price charged for our service. You can check the Danish post office website for more information and also the Universal Postal Union general guidlines.

Prohibited Items

  • All forms of asbestos fibers
  • L-tryophane and any items having L-tryophane as an ingredient
  • Atlantic red tuna fish (Thunnus Thynnus) originating from Belize, Panama, and Honduras
  • Rubber erasers that are similar in appearance to food products that are easily ingested
  • Medical thermometers containing mercury intended for human consumption
  • Certain U.S. Beef hormones
  • Toys and games containing copper sulfate
  • All products containing the biocide dimethylfumarate (DMF)

Restricted Items

  • Furs
  • Psychotropics
  • Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA
  • Guns and weapons - strictly controlled by license
  • Wildlife - controlled by CITES and health restrictions
  • Non Prescription Drugs

Cheap Courier To Denmark

We can provide a door to door parcel delivery service to Denmark, our drivers can come and collect your parcel from either your home or work for free, at the end of the day your parcel will head back to your local depot where it will be sorted and transported overnight to our international hub where it will again be sorted and start its way to Switzerland. Whichever service you have chosen your parcel will be delivered and signed for within 4 days. You can track your parcel using the unique consignment number that will be generated when you place your order.

About Denmark


Denmark, is a country in Northern Europe and is the most southerly of the Nordic countries with a population of around 65 million.

Substantial investment has been made into the construction of road and rail links between regions in Denmark, most notably the Great Belt Fixed Link, which connects Zealand and Funen. This is nothing but positive news for parcel delivery services as better road links means more efficiency.

Denmark has many airports that our air service can utilise, the major airport in Denmark is that of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Airport is the largest airport in Scandinavia and 15th busiest in Europe. Other significant airports in Denmark include Aalborg and Billund.

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