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Parcel Delivery Service to American Samoa

International Parcel DeliveryOceania › American Samoa

American Samoa Overview
Delivery Time: 6-7 days express service
Price: From £21.50
Restrictions: Pornographic materials, absinthe, animal & plant materials

6-7 days express service
Up to 25kg in weight. 80x80x80cm max in size.
Free collection from your door ü    Free £50 cover ü
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To all cities including: Pago Pago, Leone, Tafuna and Faleniu

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, American Samoa’s main export is tuna and tuna products but that doesn’t mean you can’t send other parcels there!

The country relies on these exports for its economic and financial growth and we are happy to service the country. If you have trade links in Apia, Malua, Tafua, Saaga or Lepa you can send a parcel with us from just £21.50 in as little as 6-7 days.

With Christianity being the most predominant religion in American Samoa, you can even send gifts for Christmas and Easter via our express courier service!

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How to send a parcel to American Samoa

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About American Samoa








Consisting of five main islands and two coral atolls, American Samoa is part of the Samoan Islands chain located west of the Cook Islands and north of Tonga.

The country is located in an unincorporated territory in the USA, making it the perfect getaway for many western travellers and encouraging travel. The tropical country boasts magnificent mountain ridges and peaceful bays surrounded by quiet villages and some of the world’s most remote beaches and reefs, so it’s always a popular location.

American Samoa only houses one national park, which was opened in 1988 and protects a host of pristine landscapes and marine environments on Tutuila, Ofu and Ta’u.

With a population of more than Washington DC, most American Samoans are bilingual and can speak both English and Samoan fluently.

American Samoa love sports, with their favourites being Samoan cricket, baseball, football, basketball and American football. You will also find that within small Samoan villages, volleyball is extremely popular.

Tattooing is a huge part of the culture in American Samoa, just as it is in West Samoa. Gender specific tattoos are common, for males they are called Pe’a which consist of intricate and geometrical patterns over the knees up to the ribs.

A Samoan female is given a malu which will cover from her knees to her upper thighs.

When visiting American Samoa you will see immediately just how communal their way of life is, with entire communities enjoying activities collectively. This can also be seen in the way a traditional house is built with little or no walls and only blinds made from coconut palm placed on windows during the night and in periods of bad weather.


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