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  • Collected from you
  • Delivered next day
  • Label printing service
  • Delivery notifications
  • Full online tracking

How it works

Your parcel can weigh up to 25kg and must be no bigger than: 120cm (l) x 80cm (w) x 80cm (h). It's that simple!

How your parcel is priced

Whether you choose to use our express or economy service, the size and weight of your parcel affects how much your parcels will cost.

Express (2-3 days*) Vs Economy (3-4 days*)

We ship to many European countries by road (Economy) or air (Express) which means we’re able to offer you cheaper and faster alternatives. For all worldwide destinations we offer an Express air service.

Volumetric weight

The volumetric weight of a parcel is: its length x width x height in centimetres (cm) divided by 5000.

If your parcel's volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight of your parcel then you’ll be charged the volumetric weight price. All you need to do is enter the correct weight and dimensions of your parcel into our quick quote or booking form and we’ll work it all out for you.
*Timings may vary depending on the distance from the UK and remoteness of the country.

Make shipping your international parcels
even cheaper with these handy ways to save.

Save £1.25 when you drop your parcel off at your local depot Find a depot
Save up to £35 when you top up your account Top up your account

Included as part of all International orders

- £50 free contents cover included - We'll collect from your door - One hour window slot on all parcel collections - Email or SMS update once your delivery is complete

Where are you sending to?

If you are sending a parcel abroad then we have fast and cheap delivery services available.
You can send a parcel to USA in 2-3 days with our express service from £16.45* (ex VAT) or send a parcel to Germany from £8.74* (ex VAT) with our 2-3 days economy service.
See the full list of countries we ship to


Popular destinations in Europe
Country Express (ex VAT) Economy (ex VAT)
Germany £20.38   2 days £8.74*     2-3 days
France £20.38   2-3 days £11.74*   3-4 days
Italy £20.38   3-4 days £11.74*   3-4 days
Spain £20.38   3-4 days £11.74*   3-4 days
Sweden £20.38   3-4 days £14.74*   3-4 days


Popular destinations worldwide
Country Express (ex VAT)
USA £16.45*   2-3 days
Australia £22.93*   4-5 days
Canada £16.45*   3-4 days
New Zealand £21.68*   4-5 days
China £21.68*   3-4 days
South Africa £20.91*   3-4 days
If you would like more information about shipping to a specific country please find a full list here. If you can't find the page you are looking for and still have some questions please get in touch. See the full list of countries we ship to Economy road pricing based on any weight up to 25kg and varies slightly depending on destination. All Express pricing based on a 0.5kg parcel with 10 x 10 x 10 dimensions. Delivery days may vary depending on the distance and remoteness of the country from the UK and whether you chose an Express or Economy service.

Why you should ship with ipostparcels

Read Independent and honest reviews from our customer and recipients who have either shipped with us or recieved an ipostparcels delivery.

Important information about shipping abroad

Tips to success when
shipping internationally

- Weigh your parcel in kilograms. - Measure the size of your parcel in cm (Length, Width and Height). - Complete the customs declaration section within the booking form. - If sending multiple items in one order, make sure you list them all within the booking form including a brief description and the value. - Print off all labels and paperwork. - Make sure you're not sending anything that may be a prohibited item. See full list here. Quote and book

Packaging advice

Your parcel will be handled at various stages throughout its journey so it’s important to package and waterproof your items correctly to avoid any delays or damages during transit. Packaging advice and tips

Understanding taxes and duties

Duties and taxes may apply when you send shipments outside the EU. Understanding taxes and duties

Prohibited items

Unfortunately we cannot carry certain items through our network. Any person sending prohibited items may have their order cancelled without notice or refund. Internationally prohibited items

International invoices

If you are sending an international parcel you will need to complete an invoice, please ensure you adhere to the following points to ensure your parcel is ok to send. How to complete an international invoice

How to complete a commercial invoice if shipping outside the EU

The commercial invoice is a customs declaration document supplied by the shipper which allows your parcel through borders between countries. The commercial invoice contains information about the shipment such as a description of the items, the value and the information about the shipper. If you are sending a gift or belongings, a pro-forma invoice, rather than a commercial invoice will be needed. Read more about completing commercial invoices for international delivery here.
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