What you need to know about sending parcels to Bulgaria

parcel to bulgaria

Bulgaria, known officially as the Republic of Bulgaria, is located on the border of Europe and Asia. Despite all the dubious press about its nationals wanting to leave, Bulgaria is a country of jaw-dropping mountain ranges, ancient history and beautiful beaches. It is also celebrated for its much more relaxed lifestyle, which lead an estimated 18,000 Brits to make their homes in Bulgaria. Seeking its friendly culture and low living costs - many reside there for just part of the year, though some ex-pats live there full time. Despite these perks, UK family members are relied upon for sending over Great British tea bags and other must-have Brit essentials.

For eBay sellers, Bulgaria is a particularly prominent market. With no specific Bulgarian eBay marketplace, many sellers are forced to use eBay.co.uk or .com to find bargains or hard to find items. This is particularly true for electronics and gadget purchases like smartphones and accessories, which are not as readily available nor as cheap as in the UK or other parts of the world.

With this in mind it's likely packages will be winging their way fairly regularly to the 'garden of Eastern Europe', so here are some handy tips to bear in mind when shipping items.

What can't you send?

When posting items to Bulgaria, it's wise to be aware of restrictions and prohibited items. As with many countries, narcotics, anaesthetics and toxic materials are not permitted. It almost goes without saying that explosives and ammunitions are similarly prohibited, as are other flammable materials - including deodorant and nail polish.

Bulgaria is a strongly religious country and therefore the Universal Postal Union states that religious materials connected with prohibited or unregistered sects or organisations may not enter the country in the mail. This also goes for obscene or immoral materials.

It is worth noting that parcels containing coins and currency, precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, and precious stones and jewels will not be accepted into the Republic of Bulgaria. More information can be found on the Bulgarian Posts website.

Customs, duties and other useful info

As an EU member since 2007, you won't need to pay any customs or duty on goods when shipping to Bulgaria. It also means you won't need to fill out any lengthy customs forms.

Wrap your package up securely, making sure any loose edges are taped down. While your parcel will be handled with utmost care during its journey across Europe, it's still important that it is carefully packed and any fragile items padded well with packaging materials. Make sure when addressing the parcel to write BULGARIA in capital letters at the end of the address, as recommended by the UPU.

Following these guidelines should ensure your package arrives safely in Bulgaria without a hitch.

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