What is an eBay PowerSeller and how do I become one?

The PowerSeller programme was introduced by eBay to give back to those sellers who consistently uphold excellent service standards. It helps them grow their eBay business by offering access to discounts and benefits such as improved visibility in best match search results.
Some of the biggest benefits of becoming a PowerSeller include:
Access to more tips and advice on selling
Priority customer support and technical assistance
Special offers
eBay promotional merchandise
A PowerSeller badge for your shop
15 per cent discount on final value fees
As recognised PowerSellers, businesses have the additional option to qualify as a Top-rated seller - a definite pull for potential buyers, offering pre-purchase confidence. In fact, many sellers and eBay experts suggest that, particularly for those selling in a competitive niche, having this status is a key to success on the thriving marketplace.

How do I become a PowerSeller?

It's free to become an eBay PowerSeller, but you'll need to be registered as a business on eBay first. To be eligible you'll also need to meet certain requirements; these are based on sales volumes, performance standard, policy compliance and account standing. The minimum requirement is 100 transactions in the past year, grossing at £2,000 or more. These sales must have been to buyers in the UK and Ireland to count towards this requirement.
There are five volume levels that eBay PowerSellers can fall into; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium. To qualify for Silver or above, monthly turnover targets apply instead.
Further, PowerSellers must not exceed a set number of 1 and 2 star ratings for individual categories, such as communication and dispatch time. In addition, positive feedback must be 98 per cent or higher, with a minimum of 100 responses and the account holder must have been an active member for 90 days or more.

Keeping your status

Once a seller has gained PowerSeller status, the hard work doesn't stop there. This accreditation will be evaluated on a monthly basis by eBay to make sure the criteria is still being met. If you don't qualify then it will be removed, but it will be reinstated automatically once you meet the requirements again. What's more, sellers must comply with eBay policies, or risk losing Power Seller status for a minimum of 180 days.
In addition to sales volumes, simple things such as creating well-written, honest and descriptive listings, as well as good communication with buyers, will assist you. When it comes to postage and packing charges - offering free shipping will automatically gain you a five star rating for P&P charges, but if you can't offer free shipping keep the cost as low as possible and inside eBay's best practice policy.
More information on becoming an eBay PowerSeller can be found on the services pages.

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