Shipping to Papua New Guinea - What you need to know

parcel to papua new guinea

Occupying half of the Oceanian island of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. With a population of over seven million, 18 per cent of PNG's people live in its urban centres. The largest of these is the capital of Port Moresby, situated on the southern coast of this independent state.

With luscious wildlife just like nearby Australia, PNG also has kangaroos, but boasts many more species of birds and frogs. A rich, humid and mountainous landscape, the country is a land of diversity.

Importing to Papua New Guinea

As such a small country, a lot of the products sold need to be imported, meaning that although a relatively undeveloped country, visitors are often surprised by the cost of living. With the UK supplying many of PNG's imports, alongside countries such as Australia, Japan and the USA, it's likely as a small business you'll find yourself needing to ship a parcel to these tropical shores before too long.

If travelling to PNG, you'll likely be faced with strict customs laws when flying in to the country, as most flights will go via Australia; famous for its exacting standards. To avoid tricky fumigation and quarantine procedures, it might be worth posting anything potentially contentious rather than travelling with it, thus avoiding delays and extra airport stress.

When shipping parcels to PNG it's important to fill out a customs form, making sure to correctly list the nature, quantity and value of the goods inside.

Shipping restrictions

As with all countries, certain restrictions and prohibitions apply on goods being imported into the country. Some products may only be imported with the correct permit, whilst others are completely forbidden. Dangerous weapons, illicit drugs, pornography and goods that infringe copyright are the types of items which are liable to restrictions, so to be sure check with the Customs Office before sending. Other items which are prohibited completely include non-degradable plastic bags, gaming machines such as roulette wheels, and matches containing white or yellow phosphorous.

Once you are completely sure that your item is safe to ship then wrap it up carefully for its long journey across the world. Whilst we handle your parcel as carefully as possible, following packaging guidelines will help ensure your parcel reaches the warm and sunny climes of PNG without incident. Remember to tape down any openings with strong tape and write PAPUA NEW GUINEA clearly in capital letters at the end of the address.

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