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Hundreds of small islands make up the Oceanic sub-region of Micronesia in the western Pacific Ocean. The Caroline Islands, Gilbert Islands, Mariana Islands, Nauru, Wake Island and Marshall Islands are all part of what is known as the Federated States of Micronesia.
Even if you haven't heard of any of these island groups - it's likely you at least will know of Bikini Atoll - an area in the Marshall Islands, where several landmasses were vaporised during nuclear testing in the 1940s. This reef also gave its name to the bikini swim suit, a term coined in 1946 by designer Louis Reard!
Micronesia is very dependent on foreign aid and operates under a 'Compact of free association' with the US. This means the islanders' mail is delivered through the United States. The Micronesian currency is the US dollar, making it fairly straightforward to do trade with the Micronesian islands.

What can't you send? 

Remember to check the contents of your package against the ipostparcels restricted and prohibited lists before you send the parcel. You can't send live animals by mail and importing controlled substances or weapons is strictly prohibited by Micronesian authorities.
Other items which cannot be sent internationally include lottery tickets, cash and perishable foodstuffs.
As Micronesia is a region outside of the EU, your package may be subject to tax when it arrives at its island destination. To prevent delay then make sure to fill out the customs forms carefully, providing all the necessary information. If your items are worth more than £270 you'll need to fill out the form CN23. Anything under this amount will require the form CN22. If you complete these forms correctly then there's no reason why your parcel should get held up. 

Ready to go!

Whether you're sending a particularly small and aptly-named swim suit, or something larger and heavier, be sure to wrap your item up well. Package fragile products in bubble wrap in a secure box, then write the address clearly on the outside.  
Although the country is not listed as a part of the Universal Postal Union, it's still a good idea to write the island name and MICRONESIA in capitals at the end of the address, as is usually recommended by UPU. 
Next, simply book your parcel in for collection or drop it at your local depot. Before you know it your package will be (rather enviably) winging its way to the Pacific.

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Parcel to Micronesia

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