Sending parcels to Portugal

Situated in Western Europe and bordering Spain, Portugal is known for its intriguing history, great food and idyllic scenery. The capital, Lisbon, has a population of around 1.7 million people and is thought of as a global city thanks to its importance in finance, commerce and international trade. Also home to golden beaches and amazing medieval castles, there's clearly a lot to write home about.

More and more Portuguese are making their homes in Britain. In fact, last year there was thought to be 30,000 Portuguese living in the UK, so it's likely plenty of ex-pats will want to send home gifts to friends and family.

Posting restrictions

As with all countries, there are restrictions on what can be sent into Portugal. In order for your parcel to arrive safely it's important to follow the guidelines set out by the Portuguese customs authorities. It is down to you, though, to ensure that your package does not contain anything that is prohibited from entering the country. Below are just some of the items to be wary of posting.

When it comes to flora and fauna, there are plenty of restrictions; water hyacinth in particular is banned due to its invasive nature. While the sending of live animals is prohibited, bees, leeches and silkworms are - somewhat surprisingly - admitted conditionally. There are also rules and restrictions surrounding leather and animal skins.

Another less common item that is prohibited entry into Portugal is saccharine. Chocolate or any other substances containing the artificial sweetener are forbidden. Additionally, any products such as watches or jewellery containing precious metals, natural pearls, precious stones and the like must be sent insured and will require a hallmark.

Customs and packaging

There are strict rules which must be followed when shipping small packets and parcels, filling out the customs declaration in full is very important. For this you will need either the CN22 or CN23 form, depending on whether the package value is - respectively - lesser or greater than £270.

Your parcel will have to travel more than 900 miles to its destination in Portugal, so wrapping it up well will give it the best start on its long journey. While we take every care with your parcel, it is always advisable to use bubblewrap to protect any fragile items, ensuring the contents are well padded in the box so that they can't move around. Seal all openings with a wide, clear tape, ensuring to cover any jagged edges which could get caught in machinery.

Label your parcel clearly and attach the customs information to the outside of the box. Then you can wave 'adeus' to your parcel and know that it will soon be on the sunny shores of Portugal!


You can find out more information regarding sending packages to Portugal.

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Sending parcels to Portugal 

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