Sending parcels to Greenland

sending parcels to Greenland
Although it's located in North America, Greenland is part of the kingdom of Denmark. As a result, many of its residents speak Danish, though the main language is Greenlandic. The national currency also has Danish heritage, being the Krona. 
If you ever seen it on a map, you know that Greenland is a huge country. However, because 80 per cent of the land is covered in ice, it has a relatively small population. Just 56,000 people live in this cold country, which relies largely on its fishing industry. Greenland is becoming an increasingly popular place for tourists to visit though, as you can get a great view of the Northern Lights from here during the winter months. 
Whether you need to send something to a friend, relative or customer, posting parcels to Greenland is easy. Here's some advice on what not to send and how to package your parcels correctly.

What can't I send?

There are a few items that you are prohibited from sending to Greenland, meaning you cannot post them under any circumstances. Some are obvious - we all know it's not a good idea to send poisons, flammables, gases and corrosives in the post. However, there are some more unusual prohibitions, such as dry and wet ice, furs and antiques. We're not sure how you'd package wet ice, but we don't recommend trying to find out!
Some import restrictions are more general and apply to all countries unless otherwise stated. These include:
  • Money
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Obscene/pornographic materials
  • Live animals
  • Packages that are wet, leaking or smell

Packaging your parcel

There is 2,015 miles between London and Nuuk, Greenland's capital - therefore it's important to package your parcel carefully, as it has to survive a long journey! We recommend wrapping your items in bubble wrap, especially if they're delicate. Make sure that all edges of your package are properly sealed; use parcel tape to close any gaps.
The address of the business or individual you are sending to should be written clearly on the top of the package. Make sure the postcode is correct, and that you write GREENLAND in capital letters. Once your package is ready to go, you can choose to either drop it off at one of our depots, or have one of our delivery drivers pick it up. If you would prefer to have it picked up, please leave the parcel in your specified safe place, then it'll be on its way in no time!
If you have any more questions about sending parcels to Greenland, don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

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