Sending parcels to Bangladesh


Some 152.4 million people call Bangladesh home, making it ones of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Known as East Pakistan up until 1971, Bangladesh has long had a problem of widespread poverty. However, things have been improving over the years, especially in terms of healthcare and education. Population growth has slowed too. 

While you may not be planning on visiting Bangladesh any time soon, you might want to send parcels to loved ones or simply conduct some business with parties over there. Whatever the reason, you'll need to read our guide to posting to Bangladesh first.

What can't I send to Bangladesh?

Every country has its own import prohibitions and it's vital to read up on them before popping a parcel in the post. Many of the items on the list are obvious - you're not going to be sending poisons, corrosives or radioactives (we hope!). However, some of the prohibitions are a bit more unusual:

  • Ball bearings
  • Viagra
  • Jewellery containing precious metals
  • Powder
  • Personal effects

Make sure your package contains none of the above before sending, otherwise, it's very unlikely it will reach its destination, and you may lose your items.

How to address a parcel to Bangladesh

As you will have probably assumed, address formats differ all over the world, and it's important to get it right if you want your parcel to arrive successfully. Most notably, postcodes in Bangladesh only consist of four numbers - the first two digits refer to the head post office in the main regional town, and the second two denote the secondary post office.

Here's an example of how a parcel to Bangladesh should be addressed:

Mr. Ashraduddin Khan

Vil Genda


DHAKA - 1340


Ensuring your parcel arrives safely

Your parcel will need to travel some 5,000 miles to reach Bangladesh, and while your courier will look after your item, it's still wise to ensure it's well-protected. Start by finding a box that's slightly bigger than your item(s) and fill any gaps with packaging peanuts or bubble wrap. Make sure your item can't move around inside the box, otherwise there's a chance it could get damaged mid-journey.

Once you're happy the item is secure, seal the box up with packaging tape. Ensure there are no gaps, holes or tears on the box. Lastly, write the address as shown above, bold and clear. You'll also need to attach the correct customs documentation, since Bangladesh is outside the European Union (EU). Items valued at £270 or higher need form CN23, anything else requires CN22.

That's it! Your parcel should be ready to embark on its long journey to Bangladesh. If you have any questions or queries that we haven't managed to answer, please contact us. Our friendly staff are always happy to assist.

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