Our Infographics

Having excavated the web  for the stats we needed about some topics we thought you might like, here are our infographics. If you like one, share it! Or if you have an idea for an infographic we would love to hear it! 


We Collect From Your Door Infographic

Do you feel like you spend most of your time waiting around? Well, ipostparcels can help you save time. We will collect your parcels right from your door and deliver them to your intended destination. 

Happy Easter infographic

Easter falls at the end of March this year. For many it is the first bank holiday of the year and we get 4 days off work which is an added bonus. To celebrate Easter and our time off we have put together a range of Easter facts for you all to enjoy! 

Top tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It has been regarded as the biggest Christmas shopping season in the US since the early 2000’s, as many major retailers offer promotional sales. 

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Spain

Are you planning on visiting Spain this year? Or sending parcels to loved ones? Well make sure you read this infographic which will provide you with facts you probably didn’t know.

Social media platforms you should be on!

Are you planning on creating social media pages but you are not sure where to start? You need to read our insightful infographic that is full of social media facts to help you make your decision. 

The Most Popular Gifts People Give On Father's Day

Are you ready for Father’s Day? If not do not fear we have a range of ideas that will help you buy gifts for your wonderful father this year!

The New Hub

Our Birmingham head office has now relocated to Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry. The new site enables us to increase efficiency and put in place a platform to efficiently process ever increasing parcel volumes.

Penny post, from 1.9 pence per mile

It's shockingly cheap when you work out the cost of a parcel on a pence per mile basis. We look at the distance traveled between major cities in the UK and the price for next delivery into penny post calculations.

iPostMeasurement Lifehack

Our measurement and weight lifehack infographic provides you with unique way to thinking about your parcel and how much it could cost you to send. But before to actually measure and weight your parcel properly before you send it with us!

Keep Calm & eBay On

Britain loves eBay and we’ve put together lots of data that paints a great picture of just how much we love it! 
Did you know that at any one time, there are 30 million items on sale on eBay? That’s potentially a lot of packages being delivered every month, not just here in the UK, but internationally. By head on population, we Brits buy more on eBay than any other country in the world! 
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