Our guides cover a variety of topics which we hope you will find informative and useful. From coverying topical events to providing all you need to know about sending parcels to germany our guides focus on information that will provide you with food for thought.



How to sell clothes online? - 02/06/2017

We all have clothes in our wardrobes that are never worn, why not sell them? Here is a guide on everything you need to know to successfully sell, package and send clothes to a recipient.


Strange custom laws around the world - 04/04/2016

Thanks to ipostparcels' fantastic delivery services, you can send things pretty much anywhere in the world these days. You can post products to people in Poland, or get gifts to your grandma in Greenland. 


Are small companies at risk of cybercrime? - 01/03/2016

The vast majority of companies know that they're at risk of an attack, so not putting proper security in place isn't laziness or ignorance, it's all about what they can afford. 


How to sell collectibles online: Vinyl records - 24/02/2016

You know that relative who, in every music chat, starts reminiscing about the "good old days of vinyl"? We've all got one. They're right, though, vinyl is something to cherish. 

Selling movie collectibles: How to get it right - 17/02/16

Had enough of Star Wars yet? Nope, us neither. The seventh and latest instalment of the space epic has surpassed expectation for most fans, and the hype surrounding it seems to keep building.


Unpaid eBay items: where do you stand? - 19/01/2016

Did you know that eBay's global user-base is bigger than the population of Japan? With 157 million people currently active on the pioneering auction site, products are being bought and sold at some speed. 

A guide to postage and packaging for craftware - 13.06/2016

So you've set up shop on Etsy, eBay or Handmade at Amazon, you've uploaded your carefully chosen photos and created item descriptions, and are now ready to sell your crafty wares. 

Online businesses: How to protect your customers’ data

Back in the 1980s, the primary crime concern for retail business owners would have likely been shoplifting. Fast forward to today and the biggest threats come in the form of hacking and data theft.


What is Green Monday? - 07/12/2015

Traditionally the second Monday in December, Green Monday was coined by eBay in 2007 after record sales. Much like Cyber Monday it is seen as one of the busiest online shopping days in the year.


Thanksgiving gift ideas for your American friends - 18/11/2015

The United States and Canada have something that a lot of other countries are particularly jealous of: a national holiday besides Christmas where you get the whole family together to eat a lot and be merry.

How eBay resolves disputes - 16/11/2011

Is the customer always right? It's an interesting question when you're talking about something like eBay. 


Why are reviews so important to my business? - 20/10/2015

It's often said that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool out there. It's true too, but this extends beyond friendly chats between friends at the pub. 

Should I run an online store outside of my website? 16/10/2015

Is it better to spend time and money on setting up an integrated ecommerce platform, or should you simplify things and have a separate web store on a well-known platform?

How to define your target audience - 09/10/2015

As a business owner, it's impossible to please everyone, no matter how hard you try.

Seller protection: What are my rights? - Feedback and transaction defect rates - 05/10/2015

Whether you're running a business or just shifting some unwanted items, selling on eBay can be very profitable. 


What is an ebay powerseller and how do I become one? 25/09/2015

The act of giving physical money in exchange for goods goes back thousands of years. Now, various new technologies are revolutionising the way we pay for things.

Your mobile payment options compared - 22/09/2015

The act of giving physical money in exchange for goods goes back thousands of years. Now, various new technologies are revolutionising the way we pay for things. 

How much does it cost to sell on online marketplaces? 18/09/2015

There are plenty of online marketplaces out there for those who look, it doesn't start and end with eBay. 

Small business finance - 10/09/2015

With 2014 a record year for new business registrations, it appears people across the UK are in full entrepreneurial spirit.


A day in the life of a parcel delivery courier - 14/08/2015

Our drivers work extremely hard to make sure parcels get to their destinations on time. 

What's next for parcel delivery? - 05/08/2015

The parcel delivery industry has existed for some time now, with its roots traceable to ancient Egypt when grains and other materials would be carted from location to location - sometimes even out of the country.


Technology and parcel delivery over the years - 29/07/2015

Parcel delivery and the advance of technology have gone hand in hand over the years, and it's fair to say that the delivery and shipping industry has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of technological advancements.

How long will it take for my parcel to be delivered? - 16/07/2015

When shipping with ipostparcels, your package can head off to its destination pretty much immediately. Once we've collected your parcel it will begin its journey that very same day, travelling to one of our many depots around the UK.

Sending food and drink; what you need to consider - 13/07/2015

While we all have different tastes, food is something that unifies people. Whatever it is that you like to get your teeth into, a care package filled with your favourite treats is one of the best things you could possibly receive in the post. 

Five things you didn’t know about postage - 09/07/2015

Postage plays a crucial role in the way we communicate and share - even after all these years. This is especially true in the UK.

Packaging hacks: mailing made easier - 03/07/2015

If you're forever sending items through the mail to friends, relatives or customers, you'll know the packaging process can be pretty tedious.


How to calculate the weight of your parcel without scales - 29/06/2015

We all know the sneaky trick question: 'What weighs more - a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?', as well as the answer that they're both the same. Having comparisons, though, can help you determine an item's weight before sending it.

How to save money on your packaging - 25/06/2015

Helping keep costs down on your overall shipping fees enables you to stay competitive, especially in an arena like eBay where these prices can make or break a purchase.

A guide to sending fluids - 22/06/2015

Sending fluids in the mail can be tricky business and you need to take care. Although it’s not a complete no-go, liquids aren’t always best suited to being transported this way. For this reason, there are many restrictions to consider.


What should I send in a care package to China? - 29/05/2015

China, the world's most populous country, is an undisputed favourite among British students looking for a culture-shock adventure.

Are drones really the future of parcel delivery? - 27/05/2015

The e-retail sector is an extremely busy place, with businesses both big and small constantly fighting for the attention of bargain-hungry consumers.

What time does Ipostparcels deliver? - 26/05/2015

Providing a door to door delivery service means our drivers get up super early. In fact, to make sure we can offer flexible delivery times, many of our drivers set their alarms for around 4.20am. 

Going green with your packaging - 19/05/2015

There's plenty of pressure on people to be more environmentally aware these days, but how much of your life should you be dedicating to being 'green'?

How will postage be impacted by general election? - 07/05/2015

You may have noticed that there's a general election happening this week. Even if you've managed to miss the chatter on TV, it's likely you'll have seen numerous campaign fliers landing on to your door mat.


What is the cheapest way to send a parcel? - 29/04/2015

Keeping the cost of postage down is a major priority for consumers and companies alike. Although prices are predetermined, there are still lots of tricks and workarounds you can use to keep costs as low as possible.

Five ways with cardboard: Upcycling your packaging leftovers - 27/04/2015

Of all the packaging materials out there, cardboard is probably the most versatile. It can be found in all kinds of places, serving all manner of purposes. 


"April Fools' Day: Five of the best postage pranks" - 31/03/2015

There are plenty of poems and songs about Christmas - but very little for April Fools' Day, so we thought we'd give all the prospective pranksters out there a verse to call their own. 

"The differences between restricted and prohibited goods – Part 1 – Restricted goods" - 13/03/2015

It's important to be aware of potential restrictions when shipping goods, both within the UK and internationally.

"How to make your 'safe place' safe" - 04/03/2015

We all lead busy lives, so it's fair to say you can't always be waiting around for a parcel collection.


"A guide to air mail - what happens when your parcel takes to the skies?" - 20/2/2015

Air mail parcels have been winging their way across the skies since the early 1900s, and the number of flights containing letters and parcels climbed quickly after the Second World War.

"Valentine's across the miles-What (and what not) to send your significant other" - 13/02/2015

Are you stressing out about what to get your significant other for Valentine's Day? Well spare a thought for those currently in long-distance relationships, for whom the pressure of finding the right gifts is even more intense.


"Sorry you were out" How to avoid missing your parcels - 24/01/2015

With the features outlined in this article, you dont need to always be in to have your parcel delivered.


Christmas post: Key considerations - 18/12/2014

Whether you're a small business owner sending orders to customers, or an excited gift-giver looking to surprise a loved one with some festive treats, there are a few things you might need to consider before reaching for the tape and scissors.

The history of domestic UK parcel delivery - 01/12/2014

Domestic parcel delivery in the UK has a long, interesting and somewhat confusing history, with organised delivery of parcels and packages dating back as far as the 1600s.


Black Friday - Retails busiest day of the year - 28/11/2014

A tradition with roots firmly in the US, the popularity of Black Friday has been picking up pace on this side of the Atlantic ever since it was introduced here by Amazon in 2010


Student care packages: What should you send? - 15/10/2014

There are few better ways to make your studying loved ones happy than to send them a perfectly planned care package. With delivery rates so low, you can get away with sending a sizeable stash of goodies, too. Here are a few of the best things to include.


Safe Packaging - How to protect items in transit - 25/09/2014

Whether you're sending a product to a valued customer or returning something to the seller for an exchange or refund, the quality of your packaging will be crucial.


Royal Mail - The Saga Continues - 14/08/2014

It's safe to say that the privatisation of Royal Mail has been a bumpy ride for all involved. So, just what is happening with Royal Mail and what does this mean for the future of the company?


How to create the right picture to sell your eBay items - 10/07/2014

It's a truth universally acknowledged that the majority of consumers won't buy an item without seeing it first - either in person or bin the form of a photograph. Admittedly, it's not easy but here are a few tips to help you pap away and not make any embarrassing mistakes


Traveller essentials - what you can send and where - 25/06/2014

There may come a time when you realise you forgot to bring that essential item. What do you do? Get someone to post it to you, of course! Here's the low down on what you can have sent to you.

Stamp controversy: Five stamps that have caused a fuss - 20/06/2014

Stamps, right - you put them on a parcel or an envelope without much thought. They're just tiny rectangles of expensive, adhesive paper - sometimes pretty, sometimes plain - but we don't tend to give them much thought. Unless, that is, the subject depicted causes consternation and that happens far more often than you might think.


Five things you can do to make an unsold item more appealing - 20/05/2014

Something about your listing may not be connecting with buyers. So, what can you do? We've scoured the web far and wide, gathering five top tips on how to make your unsold eBay items much more appealing to buyers.

Why is the government still being questioned over the royal mail sell off? - 19/05/2014

It's been over six months since the government privatised Royal Mail, yet it's rarely been out of the news since. So why is it continuing to roll on, and why has the Finance Conduct Authority (FCA) been forced to defend its decision not to investigate?


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