ipostparcels makes a special delivery for Pica

ipostparcels.com, UK Mail’s online next day delivery brand serving the consumer market, made a special delivery for the charity ‘Giving Zach a Safe Future’ dedicated to helping those  who suffer from the rare condition Pica which causes them to crave inedible objects, including stones, paper and moss.

Rachel Horn from Salford, Manchester has a 6 years old boy, Zach Tahir who suffers from the extreme disorder, has set up a fundraising campaign ‘Giving Zach a Safe Future’  to help raise much needed funds to give Zach an inedible bedroom for his 6th birthday which cost in all £36,000. The local council helped stump £26,000 through disability allowance and Rachel managed to raise the remaining £10,000 through her online social media campaigns, TV appearances and by gaining the support of local celebs from Coronation Street.

The campaigning doesn’t stop there; Rachel also uses her fundraising to help other families in the same boat with most recently herself and Zach donating an inedible mattress to another little boy in Telford who suffers from the disorder. The family based in Telford recently lost one of their son’s to a tragic car accident and Rachel and Zach wanted to show their support to the family by sending over the much needed mattress to them. The mattress needed to be delivered but due to the large dimensions many carriers wouldn’t be able to deliver. Rachel then got in touch with ipostparcels.com, an online next day collection and delivery firm, for help.  ipostparcels.com, a subsidiary of UK Mail were more than happy to help and arranged to have the mattress collected from Rachel and delivered to the family in Telford on a same day service free of charge.

Rachel Horn said, “I'm so happy we were able to donate something to another pica suffer. More people need to be made aware that this disorder needs help and support. It's fantastic that another child like Zach will have a specialised item and hopefully will aid better sleep for him and his family. Without ipostparcels help this family wouldn't have been able to receive the item so a massive thanks to them”

Guy Buswell, CEO of UK Mail, said, “Central to the UK Mail Group’s philosophy is the need to place society’s needs at the heart of its business strategy. We are delighted to be able to contribute towards this worthy cause to help raise awareness and support more families like this. We look forward to strengthening our relationships with many more charities across the UK & beyond.”

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