How to package your item

More care and consideration will be needed when packing your parcel for international delivery as your parcel will be handled multiple times over various locations.

Here are a few quick tips to help ensure your parcels are delivered to their designated country as smoothly as possible.  Please take note of the packaging guidelines shown to help prevent damage in transit. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Wrap each item inside the parcel individually;

2. Protect the contents with a strong container;

3. Seal the container with strong tape

A few extra tips:

Don’t forget to securely stick your labels to the outside of the box and if you have invoices, they must be signed placed in an envelope and also attached to the box / container.

  • Always remove any old labels/markings from your box
  • Consider the use of arrow up labels
  • Use a documents enclosed slip for attaching extra documents to parcels
  • We strongly suggest polystyrene protection for heavier items.

If your packaging is not sufficient, you risk your goods being damaged in transit and may not be able to claim compensation. Every care is taken to ensure your parcels are handled with care, however standard transit knocks do occur on the back of moving vehicles and on the conveyer belt system, therefore internal protection and a strong box is mandatory in order to be covered for damage on our services.

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